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Make peace with perfectionism and take away its power to hold your goals hostage.


Perfectionism is a poison that pretends to be a vitamin...

Nothing has the ability to get in the way of your goals like perfectionism does. If it doesn't prevent you from taking the first step of your goal, it will do everything in its power to keep you from reaching the finish line. The good news is that perfectionism can be beaten. You can even make friends with it, but only if you're willing to go beyond perfect.

Perfectionism will try to keep you idling at the starting line. You have the power to chart a course that will take you beyond perfect and over the finish line.  


Day 6 Bonus Lesson with Jenny Acuff!

My wife, Jenny, will join us for a special bonus teaching! I promise you don't want to miss this! Jenny received her undergraduate in photojournalism and her master’s in construction management from Georgia Tech. In an industry typically dominated by men, she said, “Nah, I’m going to run $50 million construction projects in Boston.” How did she do it? Because she’s beyond perfect and has never let perfectionism get in the way of her next adventure. Our 20-year marriage has been a 20-year education in taking chances and taking the next step even if it's not perfect. 

By the end of this challenge, you will learn:

The Roadmap to Success

Starting on Day 1, we’re mapping out the course that will take the goals that matter most to you from start to finish.

Soundtracks for

Overcoming Perfectionism

Successful goals start with successful thoughts. Learn how to write new soundtracks and keep the music at an 11 for your entire goal.

Strategies to Accomplish

Your Goals

Learn the 7 ways to spot perfectionism before it stops you, the 3 techniques to pick the right goal, the 2 words that will double your productivity and the 1 thing every goal needs.

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Your Host

I’m Jon Acuff

Perfectionism used to get in the way of every goal I tried to achieve. It kept me from starting goals. It kept me from finishing them. It kept me from believing in myself and pursuing the dreams that actually mattered most to me. But not anymore. Learning to embrace imperfection led to some of my most meaningful accomplishments and I want you to know how you can go beyond perfect too.

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